Kamworks - Cambodia's #1 solar company!

Kamworks is Cambodia’s number 1 solar energy company since 2006. Today, Kamworks’ solutions have directly impacted well over 150,000 rural lives. Started by seasoned Dutch solar engineers, Kamworks has the largest track record with both on-grid as well as off-grid solar energy systems in the country.  

Today, Kamworks products have been exported to Africa, Asia, Europe and the America’s. With solar technology rapidly becoming ever better and cheaper and with Cambodia’s abundant sunshine, the clean energy future looks bright!

Solar Professionals

Our services extend to all areas of solar electricity. We design, install and maintain large solar systems on roofs of schools and factories, we develop and sell solar home systems and we advise organizations on their energy use.

Mission statement

Kamworks: sustainable solar solutions for everyone!

Kamworks history

  • 1999: First visit to Cambodia
  • 2005: Positive investment decision by Kamworks founders 
  • 2006: Kamworks was officially registered and Sre Ampil workshop built
  • 2008: Development of MoonLight solar lantern 
  • 2009: Solar Home System developed especially for Cambodian households 
  • 2011: Expansion of MoonLight rental scheme to 75 village entrepreneurs, opening of sales office in Phnom Penh 
  • 2011/2012: WorldBank / REF solar energy project for 12,000 Solar Home Systems  
  • 2013: Development of remotely operated SHS with GSM technology, investment by ERM. Partnership Cellcard
  • 2014: Launch of mobile money payment platform for SHS. Partnership with Kiva.org
  • 2015: Partnership with 3 large Micro Finance Institutes in Cambodia. Development of machine learning

International recognition

  • 2005: Nomination in the BID challenge (Business in Development)
  • 2006: Winner of World Bank Development Marketplace Award in 2006
  • 2008/9: Several international design awards in 2008 (Toon van Tuyl design award, Cifial Feel the Planet Earth Award)
  • 2010: Winner of Asian Development Bank Award for Best Clean Energy Technology at Asia Clean Energy Forum in 2010
  • 2011: Selected for the Global Social Business Incubator (GSBI).
  • 2013: Awarded GSMA grant for development of Pay-As-You-Go solar technology
  • 2015: Kamworks solar home systems first product to be accredited for with the quality label in the Green Micro Finance program

Clients and partnerships