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Cambodia Daily - 19,5 kWp system - installed 2015

The Cambodia Daily is an independent newspaper published six days a week in Phnom Penh. It was established to provide a foundation for a free press in Cambodia and to train a new generation of journalists. Its founder and publisher is a veteran American journalist who covered Cambodia in the 1960s for Newsweek and saw an opportunity to help the fledgling democracy by launching a newspaper here after the U.N.-supervised elections of 1993.




Why did you decide to buy a solar roof from Kamworks?


Douglas Steele, General Manager of The Cambodian Daily:

 "We have a very high electricity bill and I wanted to save on it. Also, I am concerned how climate change will impact Cambodia. So I decided to act. The Kamworks team came to measure the space so they could design the solar roof. They have a lot of experience. They also looked where we could connect the solar panels to the existing electric system. It went very smoothly.

We are very satisfied with Kamworks. Firstly, because the Kamworks team are specialists. But we also like that Kamworks is not like any other solar company: They care about the rural people in Cambodia and have developed many solar products for them such as the solar home systems." 

How much can you save with the solar roof installed by Kamworks?

"I keep track of our electricity expenses. Compared to last year, with the solar, we now save around one third (33%) of our electricity bill. The payback time is about 3,5 to 4 years. After the solar roof is paid off, the electricity from the roof is for free. And it is also clean with no pollution. I would recommend Kamworks, they are the solar specialists."

Lightsource - 10 kWp Off-grid system for a school - installed 2015

Mark Straver, Design & Lifecycle Manager of Lightsource Renewable Energy (Europe's Leading Solar Energy Company):

Lightsource  Renewable  Energy,  one  of  the  largest developer and operator of PV systems worldwide,  has achieved an unrivalled track record  in the  installation of both ground mount and rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) projects - having  deployed  more  than  £2 billion of solar assets



Genesis of the project

In order to share the benefits we have realised not only within the UK, Lightsource is heavily involved in supporting also the less developed  areas of our world and raises  money for charity for the benefit of children in the Koh Krolor area of Cambodia. Next to raising money, Lightsource has committed to build a 10kWp off-grid solar PV system on the roof of a school building. This system includes batteries and will provide electricity to power computers, sewing machines, lights and fans.

Project specifications

  • System: 10 kWp off-grid with batteries
  • Installed on August 2015

Why did you decide to work with Kamworks?

Even with our extensive experience back home, finding the  right partners to work with locally is key. Good installers are the ones  that feel like an extension of our own  team  -  Kamworks  understands us and appreciated the unique nature of this project.

How did the installation go?

We are very proud of the work carried out in  the  village  of  Koh  Krolor  and  we are delighted  to  have  helped  provide  a resource that can bring a positive change to the lives of the people living there.


What  has  been  your  experience  with Kamworks so far?

Kamworks have been very professional in the  way  they have  approached  the installation  of  this  system. They  have worked  hard  in order  to  meet  the deadlines and  pro-actively  pursued solutions for the challenges we have faced along the way.

Would you recommend Kamworks?

Yes, I can recommend them.