Jeroen Verschelling (1969) - Chairman and co-founder of Kamworks Solar

Entrepreneur with ambition and ideals, Jeroen has 20 years of business experience in the field of solar PV and energy conservation. Prior to starting Kamworks in 2006, Jeroen worked as senior consultant at Ecofys in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He is a visionary and strategist, with a passion for clean energy technologies and the people at the base of the pyramid. Jeroen is a strong motivator, taker of new initiatives, with original 'out of the box' thinking.

Specialties: Business development, Solar PV and energy conservation.


Arjen Luxwolda (1969) - Managing Director and co-founder of Kamworks Solar.

Arjen Luxwolda is the Managing Director and the engineering nexus of Kamworks. With years of experience in the field of renewable technology, he brings a superior technical background to the organization. Frisian by origin, Arjen manages to intensify the engineering level and skills of the Kamworks organisation with his extensive technical expertise and background knowledge on renewable technologies. Arjen has lived in Cambodia since 2006.

Specialities: Electrical Engineering, product development, logistics, technical product development, training engineers, production management


Laurent Leleu (1987) - Project Manager SHS  

Engineer passionate about IT and clean energy, Laurent has five years of experience in IT and R&D project Management. He worked for 3 years as a consultant in IT and Project Management at Accenture France Consulting and 2 years as consultant in R&D project management for the SNCF (French national railway company). Laurent joined Kamworks in May 2015. For the lasts six months he entirely designed and implemented Kamworks' ERP, undertook numerous field visits and supported the SHS sales operations. He holds a Master's degree in Engineering and Project Management (Arts et Métiers ParisTech).



Lucas Ferrand (1988) - Project manager, professional systems

Lucas joined Kamworks as project manager for professional solar systems unit. He holds a Master's degree in Engineering Studie (ICAM Toulouse) and he already worked on large scale solar and hydroelectric projects in France. His responsibilities included the design, quotation and installation supervision of both off-grid and on-grid solar system projects.




Benoit Lacroix (1981) - Information technology and artificial intelligence expert 

Benoit is managing Kamworks partnership with LADIS (Laboratoire d'Analyse de Données et Intelligence des Systèmes) of the French Research Center on Atomic and Alternative Energies (CEA, Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives) to develop data visualization and prediction models based on Kamworks datasets.

Previously, Benoit led applied research projects on energy efficiency and intelligent systems for the smart grid, and authored several research papers and patents. Dr. Benoit Lacroix holds a Master's degree in Engineering, a Master's degree in Computer Science, and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.


Soklen Ean (1982) - Senior Accountant

Soklen has been working in Kamworks for a total of six years now, after working at a local MFI first. Since starting to work with Kamworks, Soklen has been successful in bringing accounting at Kamworks to a higher level and ensuring full compliance with tax regulations which has resulted in audited annual accounts ever since. She holds a bachelor of Finance and Banking from the University of Cambodia and has taken various specialised courses on taxation, accounting and has received on the job training by multiple senior financial experts from The Netherlands, Germany and Australia.



Ugo Andreo (1990) - Operational manager SHS 


Ugo joined Kamworks as operational manager for the solar home systems production and services. He already worked on renewable energies projects in India, Laos and France and holds a Master's degree in Engineering Studies and Renewables Energies (Universités de Montpellier).




Sarin Sok (1982) - Workshop Manager  

Sarin is a seasoned solar technician; he successfully completed the technical training from Don Bosco Technical School Phnom Penh in 2000 and a graduated Associate of English at MIC in 2009. Sarin worked with Kamworks for 6 years. Based on his solid technical experience, he is now Kamworks' Workshop Manager and leads the assembly and solar installation team.





Chhenghong Peanh (1988) - Key Account Manager 

Chhenghong holds a bachelor of Economics from the Royal University of Law and Economics of Cambodia. She joined Kamworks in November 2014 as Project Coordinator for Kiva loans Assessments. She successfully developed loan assessment procedures and support solar home system sales for a year. She is now Key Account Manager for professional solar systems.




Alexander Beltes (1990) - Project Manager 

Alexander holds degrees from Yale in Mechanical Engineering and Economics. After graduation in 2012, Alexander joined the strategic consulting firm NorthBridge group as energy analyst for 3 years. At Kamworks, Alexander holds the position of project manager and is involved in a number of strategic initiatives.




Chris Hendriks PHD (1962) - Project Advisor

Chris has a broad renewable energy background through his 18 years of experience with Ecofys, a leading European renewable energy consultancy firm with projects for the European Commission, WorldBank, national and international clients.





Sovanna Long (1991) - Project Assistant SHS

Sovanna is a talented young person who holds 2 bachelor degrees in English and Finance & Banking (graduated in 2014). She joined Kamworks as Project Assistant GSMA project (managed by Benoit). After the project ended, she currently assists the SHS sales manager, responsible for loan assessment, service hotline and installation service.