• Off-Grid


    Use a solar tracker that follows the sun and generate more power. Solar trackers can be used for mini-grid village electrification and waterpumping.

  • Solar Home Systems


    Power your rural home with a Solar Home System. Over the last year, Kamworks installed 12.000 of these systems all over Cambodia in a WorldBank/REF project.

  • Grid Connected


    Solar parking area. Park your vehicles in the shade and produce solar electricity.

  • Off-Grid


    Use solar power to charge landmine detectors in remote Cambodia. Semi-portable system for the Halo trust.

Latest News

Kamworks 10 Years

Kamworks is now 10 years! Kamworks is number 1 solar energy company in...

Kamworks is launching a new initiative for solar rooftop systems that are connected to the grid. ...

Kamworks Solar Power

Kamworks is number 1 solar energy company in Cambodia. Kamworks registered as Ltd company in Cambodia in 2006 and have since provided solar power to well over 150,000 people.

  • Kamworks: 10 years active in solar!
  • Kamworks: impacted 150,000 rural lives!
  • Kamworks: Cambodia's #1 solar company

Founded by experienced Dutch solar engineers, Kamworks has the largest trackrecord with both on-grid as well as off-grid solar energy in the country. Moreover, Kamworks products have been exported to Africa, Europe and the Americas. With solar technology rapidly becoming cheaper and with Cambodia's abundant sunshine, the future looks bright!

Experienced Solar Professionals

Our services extend to all areas of solar electricity. We design, install and maintain large solar systems on roofs of schools and factories, we develop and sell solar home systems and we advise organisations on their energy use.

Renewable Energy Consultancy 

  • Energy Policy
  • Energy Audits
  • Rural electrification policies
  • Renewable energy financing 

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