Solar Water Pumps

Clean and reliable water supply for rural communities

Reliable and highly efficient solar-powered water pumps made by Lorentz Solar, which require no battery and little to no maintenance, to get rid of costly and noisy diesel generators.

Case – Koni Schwarz, Siem Riep, NGO, Pumping System, Off-grid, 11 KWp, 2017

Solar Water pumping with factory roof.  This NGO in Siem Reap features solar panels together with water pumping facilities. The factory roof enables electricity generation to in turn enable solar water pumping for local irrigation in the Siem Reap area

  • Water pumping systems on solar
  • Off-grid solar
  • Energy security
Solar water pumps Koni Schwarz

Example of Cambodian Solar Pumping for rural irrigation projects

Solar Water pumps

Kamworks Case of Solar Pumping Systems